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Halcyon Days Golf Ball Round Cufflinks
Halcyon Days Golf Ball Round Cufflinks

Halcyon Days Golf Ball Round Cufflinks

Halcyon Days
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For the man in your life who you sometimes feel would rather play golf than spend time with you. . . remind him he can allude to his favourite sport whilst spending time with you! These golf ball cufflinks are quirky, fun and playful in design. With palladium plate and enamelled by hand, these hand-painted cufflinks are a high quality piece of craftsmanship which represent the best of an artisan British craft.

Measures: D: 20mm H: 23mm

About Halcyon Days Cufflinks:

Made by a team of highly skilled artists - using traditional English enamelling techniques handed down through generations - our hand made cufflinks continue to demonstrate the very best of British craftsmanship. Our craftsman and artists take great pride in delivering luxury products of the highest standard.

Hand decorated in our workshops, our fine Halcyon Days cufflinks are available in a wide range of plain colours in both gold and palladium finish. Our fun motifs make gift giving easy and memorable. The Halcyon Days brand on the findings are a hallmark of quality.



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