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Christian Ulbricht Premium Nutcracker - Barbeque - Ltd Edition 1000 pcs

Christian Ulbricht Premium Nutcracker - Barbeque - Ltd Edition 1000 pcs

Christian Ulbricht
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  • Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Nutracker enjoying his day off with a BBQ - BBQ also functions as an incense burner -

  • Handcrafted in Germany

  • Dimensions: 17"H x 8"W x 8.5"D

A lot of care and love goes in to making good quality products that will last and last. For the past 90 years, this principle has underlined the artistry and workmanship at Christian Ulbricht & Co. Real craftsmanship has become rare in our world, which makes each piece we produce even more precious and unique.

When new patterns and pieces are designed, it is not uncommon for the head of the company to make his hands-on contribution in the workshop. It takes years of practice and dedication to precision for our painters to learn their craft. To create each piece, absolute focus is necessary. Every creation is polished by experienced hands to infuse it with our unmatched love of detail. Wood simply couldn't be more beautiful.

Item #ULB-0-481

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Signed nutcrackers

I have a collection of signed Christian Ulbrecht Nutcrackers and I’m wondering if I can buy some signed ones from you?

Donna Clark
Grandsons are now starting to collect,

Grandsons are now collecting! Best variety



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