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Jay Strongwater's love of the elegant but vividly bejeweled objet—whether it's meant to rest on a tabletop or the graceful curve of a woman's neck—has led him on a journey through the worlds of fashion and home furnishings. He began his career in 1981 while a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. After garnering raves for a necklace he made his mother, he took jewelry samples to the open buyer days at several of New York's department stores and a burgeoning business was born.

At the age of 23, Strongwater met designer Oscar de la Renta, with whom he began to collaborate on jewelry designs for runway shows. Jay Strongwater's taste for big, bold bijoux was seen throughout the 80's on fashion runways, magazine covers, and prominent jewelry counters across the country.

The move to home accessories was delightfully serendipitous and organic. The spark was a jewel encrusted picture frame Jay created in 1995 using components from his jewelry collection. He first gave these as gifts to friends, fashion editors, and buyers who immediately wanted more. By 1998, his Jewels for The Home supplanted his fashion business.

In essence, Jay Strongwater created his own niche: the jeweler turning his meticulous eye and art toward a world beyond a woman's wrist, neck, and ears. "I'm fascinated by the idea of taking our everyday belongings; picture frames, boxes, mirrors; and turning them into a beautiful combination of metal, enamel, and crystals."

Jay Strongwater collectors often say they feel the hand of the artisan behind each design. That almost tangible sense is the result of 125 highly trained artisans in the designer's New York atelier and production workshop in Rhode Island, where most pieces are brought to life. Over the years, Jay Strongwater's vision has grown into a lifestyle collection of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.


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