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Beginning in the mid 18th century, the French artisans began creating porcelain, hinged boxes to hold tobacco for the wealthy French aristocrats. During the 19th century they were used as pill boxes. These porcelain, hinged boxes were manufactured in many different shapes and sizes and decorated by hand. Today, these tiny treasures known as Limoges boxes are a highly sought after collectible item, but are no longer used to hold tobacco or pills.

Every Limoges box is formed with great care into a unique shape, hand-painted and adorned with a decorative clasp.

Each Limoges box is signed by the artist and marked with the words, "Peint Main (hand painted), Limoges, France."

Many of the modern day Limoges boxes are limited edition, numbered pieces. This means that only a certain number of a particular mold are produced and painted in a similar fashion.

French Limoges boxes are beautiful pieces of art used to decorate homes, commemorate special occasions, and open wonderful conversations between generations.


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